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Perfect service – is that even a possibility?

The question is maybe more: What is service?

I believe that the first rule of helping someone – providing a service - is to relieve. The beginning is always listening and understanding the issue, but the next step is the most important one: relieving the person of having to carry the issue. Taking the responsibility of finding a good solution or simply taking over, whether that be integrating a new organizational tool or moving the pens to a location that is easier to reach. The key point being: I will carry it and thereby relieving you. Through helping each other we express ourselves, and thereby getting to do what we are good at doing.

Administrative and logistical challenges typically arise for the up and coming, both as a group of people or an individual, here time and resources have been limited to just making the basics happen or getting the idea off the ground, and no one has taken or found the time to look into how to do things in a intuitive and logical way – or just getting things done. Service begins with a one-to-one situation. One person helps another person to express him or herself, letting the person focus on what is important and relevant for them, getting to where they want to go, by freeing up their time and mind, so they can think and act on the bigger movements – strategic, artistic, ideological.

In these processes artists or first movers are often challenged by the huge amounts of administrative and logistical issues that demands attention constantly, attention that should be focused on the creative and innovative – creating music, movies, words, art, thinking up a great idea or way of doing things, seeing things in the bigger picture and letting us know. The administrative and managerial part of this process becomes roadblocks in the life of the creative and innovative person – and here again, the importance of service – or relieve.

I don't care much for the words 'lean' or 'efficient', I like to find the best way to do a specific job and that is not always the fastest, but I believe that the process of understanding what and why you do a thing will lead to a better way of doing things – and it will automatically clarify your vision, it will show you your mission and it will in the end create a successful outcome.

Maybe it is time for the next step. Maybe it is time to start freeing up your time and your mind. It takes a clear mind and dedication to be able to do it. And, last but not least, it demands trust - trust in me to make the right decisions  - letting me do what I do best – to let you do what you do best.

Is it time?

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